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Junior Game Plan
Senior Workout Plan
College Connections

  • What Colleges Look For Today

  • Keys to Admissions

  • Set Up An Application Station

  • Your Application Components

  • Make a Testing Game Plan

  • Understand Testing "Seasons"

  • What is Community Impact?

  • Create an Effective Resume

  • Write Your First College Essay

Junior Game Plan: Start strong. Master the application checklist and lay a rock-solid foundation for the admissions process.

  • Pay Your Way

  • Your Scholarship Search

  • Spring Recommendation Checklist

  • Tell Your Story in College Essays

  • Decision Plan Guidelines

  • Senior Year Testing Strategies

  • Your Monthly Checklists

  • Be Done By December 1!

  • Make the Right Decision

  • End Strong

Senior Workout Plan: Finish the drill. Write compelling essays and stay on top of deadlines and details. A detailed step-by-step guide for your Application Season.

  • Create College Connections

  • Maximize Your College List

  • Set Up A College Visit

  • Your First Official College List

  • Campus Visit 101

  • Your On the Road Reflections

  • Your Fit Factor Grid

  • College Website Tour

  • College Fair Checklist

  • College Fair Game Plan

College Connections: Streamline your search and make the most of your admissions interactions, fact-finding, and campus visits.

Designed to accompany both Junior and Senior workbooks.

Our 3-part Workbook curriculum is a unique, engaging, and in-depth guide through the entire college admissions process. Our workbooks help your teenager become “college fit” during their critical high school years before they branch out toward the independent life of a young adult.


We offer clear roles for each member of your "team" and help establish realistic expectations and objective accountability in working with your teenager. 

We approach the college admissions investment armed with clear objectives

and a knowledge of the scope of what the process entails.

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