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Curriculum Workbooks

  • Complete Guided Curriculum

        Book One: Junior Game Plan

        Book Two: Senior Workout Plan

        Book Three: College Connections

         *May be purchased individually.

Premium Package

  • Independent Study Guide

  • 7 Strategically Timed Private Consultation Sessions

Concierge Package

  • Independent Study Guide

  • 14 Individual Consultations

  • Unlimited Office Hours

Priority Access to Essay Packages

"Ms. Durham changed the seemingly overwhelming college application process into a simple, step-by-step procedure. Because of her guidance and assistance, my college application essays were some of the best essays I’ve written. After being accepted to six of my top choice schools, Ms. Durham helped me evaluate the pros and cons of each school allowing me to make a well thought out decision. Ms. Durham was always very generous with her time, always fitting me into her schedule."

Former Client, Boston University Graduate

Curriculum Workbooks

Complete Guided Curriculum: Branching Out Guide to College Admissions

  • Book One: Junior Game Plan

  • Book Two: Senior Workout Plan

  • Book Three: College Connections Workbook


No matter where you are in the college admissions process, we want to help your team establish momentum. Our Branching Out Guide to College Admissions offers clear roles for each member of the “team” which helps establish realistic expectations and objective accountability in working with your teenager to create his or her Best Fit list of colleges. Our team offers one private 90-minute consultation prior to a workbook purchase.


  • Take charge of your experience with your own comprehensive handbook broken down into clear steps.

  • Along with offering contextual education about the larger college admissions process, each chapter corresponds to a specific admissions timeframe. Detailed checklists ensure nothing is overlooked.

  • Over 50 creative exercises and targeted worksheets enable families to accomplish time sensitive tasks with more authenticity and less stress maximizing the impact of each admissions application component. In fact, your team is empowered to “work ahead” in the process to avoid as much deadline pressure as possible.

Independent Study Guide

Premium Consulting Package

Complete Guided Curriculum + 7 Strategically Timed Private Consultations*


Do you need a bit more structure? A motivational kickoff? Periodic status check-ins? This package supplements our Branching Out Guide with seven private consultation sessions strategically timed throughout Junior & Senior Years.


*Sessions may vary as a result of your family’s entry point in the college admissions process. Additional consultation hours and essay packages for purchase are subject to availability.

For information regarding our Premium Package pricing and payment plans please contact our team here.

Premium Package

Concierge Consulting Package

Premium Package + 7 Additional Individual Consultations + Unlimited Access to Office Hours + Essay Package


If a deeper dive into a hands-on experience has earned your student successful outcomes in the past, then our Concierge Package is for you. Using the Branching Out Guide to College Admissions as our roadmap, your student will benefit from the individualized attention and reinforcing dialogue of our private monthly sessions. With Amy, your student will purposefully work through our curriculum with an emphasis on accountability, encouragement, and honest feedback. This package also includes bi-monthly student and parent office hours. Families choosing this package have priority access to essay packages released in the spring of Junior year.

For information regarding our Concierge Consulting Package pricing and payment plans please contact our team here.

Concierge Package
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