Module I:
Getting Started
Module II:
Getting Fit
Module III:
Research Project
Tree Lined Park
Junior Game Plan
Senior Workout Plan
College Connections

  • What Colleges Look For Today

  • Keys to Admissions

  • Set Up An Application Station

  • Your Application Components

  • Make a Testing Game Plan

  • Understand Testing "Seasons"

  • What is Community Impact?

  • Create an Effective Resume

  • Write Your First College Essay

  • Pay Your Way

  • Your Scholarship Search

  • Spring Recommendation Checklist

  • Tell Your Story in College Essays

  • Decision Plan Guidelines

  • Senior Year Testing Strategies

  • Your Monthly Checklists

  • Be Done By December One!

  • Make the Right Decision

  • End Strong

  • Create College Connections

  • Maximize Your College List

  • Set Up A College Visit

  • Your First Official College List

  • Campus Visit 101

  • Your On the Road Reflections

  • Your Fit Factor Grid

  • College Website Tour

  • College Fair Checklist

  • College Fair Game Plan

Our Game Plan helps your teenager become “college fit” during the critical high school years before he or she “branches out” toward the independent life of a young adult. This requires structure, accountability, and access to professional expertise and experience. Branching Out provides these essential components of your college fitness plan.

A focus on college fitness also ensures your money and time will be targeted and not wasted by approaching the college admissions investment armed with clear objectives and a knowledge of the scope of what the process entails.

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