The Branching Out Guide to College Admissions

For the price of a couple hours of test or subject matter prep you can now have a master college application checklist for your Junior and Senior years of high school. No matter where you are in the college admissions process, we want to help your team establish momentum. Our curriculum workbooks offer clear roles for each member of the “team” which helps establish realistic expectations and objective accountability in working with your teenager to create his or her best fit of colleges. 


The step-by-step Guided Curriculum reflects the encouragement and self-paced structure of our successful coaching sessions in which the larger college admissions process is broken down into manageable and time-sensitive parts. Our Junior Game Plan timeline begins the summer after Sophomore Year and lays a strong foundation for students through May of Junior Year. It seamlessly complements our Senior Workout Plan to address the entire admissions process beginning in the summer before Senior Year, through high school graduation, and into the summer before college begins.


Your experiences on campuses and interactions with college admissions representatives are key factors in developing a well-researched, personalized list of collegiate options. Our College Connections Workbook designed for both Junior and Senior Years helps you plan, evaluate, record, and compare your fact-finding efforts. This handy reference is your campus companion and completes our series.

"The holistic playbook and explaining when each element needs to be completed relieves stress for

the student, who can now break the process into small, consumable pieces over several semesters."

Graham Kelly, Class of 2021 Parent

Atlanta, Georgia