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Over the past ten years, our 10,000+ hours of private admissions counseling have revealed key student benefits:

  • Private counseling empowers original student thought and personal accountability.

  • It lowers student anxiety through the communication of clear action steps and reaffirming dialogue.

  • These benefits combine to promote a more productive, lower-stress family college admissions experience.


The most recent data from the National Association for College Admissions Counseling and American School Counselor Association states the national average is 482 students for each high school counselor. This statistic indicates many young people are missing the opportunity to make the most of the college admissions discovery process.


We believe students in all educational settings deserve the chance to determine their "best fit" colleges or universities. We have created a comprehensive college admissions program that offers students and their parents, guardians, and mentors the customizable tools to explore this vast landscape and a proven framework to guide them on their journey. As a result, every student can enjoy the exceptional benefits of personal college admissions counseling. 

A Letter from Our Founder

As a former public high school college counselor, I have happily built Branching Out College Admissions Counseling on an essential, but rare, commodity: significant one-on-one time with each student and his or her parents. The best counseling and smartest decisions occur in honest conversations evolving from these important relationships. As a result, our Branching Out Game Plan reflects the encouragement and self-paced structure of personal coaching sessions in which the larger college admissions process is broken down into manageable and time-sensitive parts.

After graduating from the University of Florida, I have enjoyed a career filled with many wonderful opportunities. Following collegiate work in print, radio, and television reporting, my corporate responsibilities included public relations, writing, and marketing positions with a General Motors-Walt Disney Company partnership, IBM, and Turner Broadcasting.


As a certified English teacher, I loved the opportunity to empower young adults for life-long success through understanding “language as art.” As a high school college counselor, I strove to facilitate the discovery process that leads students to the best college option in which to invest their distinctive potential. 

While it is hard to imagine, your child's journey begins with decisions made as the college admissions process unfolds. We would like to guide your family on this journey as your high school student “branches out” toward a future of possibilities. 


Amy Durham is married to David, a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Georgia Law School. Two more Georgia Bulldogs, Honors Program alumni Julia and Douglas are in the family along with Teresa, a graduate of Emory University, and Nicholas, who graduated from Harvard University. Amy is also a certified member of The Independent Educational Consultants Association and the Southern Association for College Admission Counseling.

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