About Us

Our Core Values

Chemistry: Promoting a low stress family college admissions experience.

Why We Do What We Do

Over the past ten years, our 10,000+ hours of private admissions counseling have revealed key student benefits:

  • Private counseling empowers original student thought and personal accountability.

  • It lowers student anxiety through the communication of clear action steps and reaffirming dialogue.

  • These benefits combine to promote a more productive, lower-stress family college admissions experience.


However, the most recent data from the National Association for College Admissions Counseling and American School Counselor Association states the national average is 482 students for each high school counselor. This statistic indicates many young people are missing the opportunity to make the most of the college admissions discovery process.


We believe students in all educational settings deserve the chance to determine their "best fit" colleges or universities. We have created a comprehensive college admissions program that offers students and their parents, guardians, and mentors the customizable tools to explore this vast landscape and a proven framework to guide them on their journey. As a result, every student can enjoy the exceptional benefits of personal college admissions counseling. This means you are not at a disadvantage because you have a budget!

Atlanta, Georgia